Record of the world’s first tweeting tree

Read what happened when the trees went to London to visit the High Court and see the appeal against the Government’s plans for increased passenger numbers at Stansted. This is just a record of the tweets from the day from the world’s first tweeting tree, the oldest ones are at the end and the most recent first – the links are all short links which go through to pictures and videos from the day.

  • WhiteGlad to be Alder way back at Philipland Wood (apart from the infernal aircraft)
  • Whitehanging in a copse with my owls        

  • WhiteGoing 2b busy photosynthesising tomorrow so won’t be adding much on Thurs don’t 4get 2 check our video with your sound on       

  • WhiteRT @PlanetPositive 150 trees are cut down every second – don’t I know it! I’ve already lost some of my family to this see       

  • WhiteRT @BBC_Earth Telegraph: Britain’s tallest tree is 209ft Douglas fir that is tall for a British tree!       

  • WhiteRootin’ around [groan] for some more news stories on yesterday’s events more this afternoon.       

  • WhiteWatch an interview with me – they weren’t happy having just “a tree” on the caption so I made a random name up       

  • WhiteSome coverage of the event at the High Court yesterday, including we three trees caught on camera     

  • WhiteNice to be back in Philipland Wood near Stansted-the animals, birds and plants said they missed me High Court hearing will last 3 days       

  • White@WillTucker I’ll have you know I AM a tree and not some sort of imposter as you imply??       

  • WhiteThnks all you lovely tweeps who followed my trip 2day will reply 2 u 2morrow-more info on threat from Stansted-       

  • White – ….what it’s all about.On train to my lovely ancient wood now.Home is where the heartwood is………………        

  • Whiteoh dear got on a tube to see ‘Royal Oak’ but turns out to be a suburb not a king Ent       

  • WhiteJust met a tree who said he was a ‘London plane’ tree.let’s make these the only new planes       

  • WhiteHey BAA leaf my friends alone! Stop Stansted Expansion       

  • Whiteme lud i just want to tweet stansted expansion=climate change & ancient woodland destruction!       

  • WhiteI am only a tree but am puzzled why BAA want permission 2 expand passenger numbers@ Stansted when passengers fell 4.7% at Stansted last year       

  • White@fairsay Ents rule! we will have to get the Ents into town one of these days – watch
  • White – Here I am outside the Royal Courts of Justice interesting place, lots of people lots of banners please ret        

  • Whitejudge doesn’t know about the EU emissions trading scheme, I’m a tree & I know!?!       

  • WhiteI’m going to be barking mad if the judge doesn’t overturn the Government’s decision to increase passenger numbers at Stansted       

  • WhiteTree lost in London why am I here? This explains it?       

  • Whiteanyone in central london with a bucket of water get hold of me my leaves are wilting in this smoggy town!       

  • WhiteClimate change is the greatest long term threat to ancient woodland this is incompatible with Stansted expansion The Woodland Trust is        

  • WhiteHigh Court hearing’s been moved as too many people want to watch it (only 3 trees though)       

  • White – Please RT escaped tree from threatened ancient woodland goes to High court in London to protest Stansted expans        

  • White – Please RT Trees from ancient wood under threat protest outside High Court London against Stansted expansion          

  • White – And here we are there aren’t many trees near the high court but we boosted the numbers…………………….        

  • White – Is this what they call a Media scrum?………………………………………………………………..        

  • White – Met my friends at Holborn here’s one …………………………………………………..        

  • White – What do they mean “low trees”? My friend in this pic here seems normal to me?        

  • WhiteLucky people like trees – bus seats are quite small       

  • White…oh…turns out Twiglets are some sort of salty potato snacks,not brutally hacked fingers.       

  • WhiteTHE HORROR!!!A “shop” at the “station” was selling Twiglets??Or “fingers” in a bag??Barbarism!!       

  • WhiteGot to London without much hassle just some kids trying to climb me at the station.       

  • Whiteoops brought a bird’s nest with me & caused a kerfuffle on train – pipe down magpie       

  • White@adamgretton it’s hard to type with twigs instead of fingers but I’m getting there!       

  • White – Here’s a pic of my home this morning, this wood’s been here for at least 400 years, and the old trees reckon it



  • White – ……. The Woodland Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (No. 294344) and in Scotland (No        

  • WhiteRT the dawn chorus tweet tweet tweet, the birds are loud this morning!       

  • WhiteOff to soak my roots and watch the sunset, tweet you tomorrow on my trip to London-meanwhile watch this (with sound!)       

  • WhitePlease RT Tomorrow morning(UK) follow this escaped tree from a threatened wood on his travels in London…       

  • WhiteI’M A TREE Imani Coppolla is a lady with green hair, but I am a tree       

  • WhiteAs well as being home, ancient woodland is irreplaceable it’s been there for centuries, but it’s still destroyed:       

  • WhiteSome friends of mine went to London one time and this happened       

  • WhiteFind out how we escaped from our home which is threatened by a new runway at Stansted – caught on camera here       

  • WhiteChecking out train times from my wood to London, will I need to go on a branch line to get there (groan)       

  • WhiteI am a tree escaped from threatened Philipland Wood and I am used to what you call “tweeting” as I have birds in my branches- follow me



    About Ed Pomfret

    Head of campaigns at the Woodland Trust. I run our campaigning work on issues such as climate change, aviation, planning reform and woods under threat.
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