Government follows the science – great news

Ed Miliband in his first major act as the new Energy and Climate Change Secretary has taken the step that members of Stop Climate Chaos have been lobbying the Government about ever since they published their Climate Change Bill. He has recognised the science has moved on in the last 8 years and has now committed the Government to including a target of an 80% cut in carbon emissions by 2050 into the Bill.

This is fantastic news – and it is down in large part to the concerted efforts of members of Stop Climate Chaos (including the Woodland Trust). Years of campaigning has paid off. Ed Miliband has shown he is serious about addressing climate change and is far sighted enough to recognise that getting the correct target into legislation is essential. This bodes well for the new department he heads. He has also taken the step of committing to introducing a feed-in tariff to the Energy Bill which will make it much easier and more worthwhile to install micropower renewable energy in our homes and communities.
Aviation emissions still need addressing ©istock

Aviation emissions still need addressing ©Istock

This just leaves one outstanding demand before we have a climate law we can be truly proud of and that is the need to include aviation and shipping emissions in the target. At the minute Miliband is still prevaricating on this, suggesting that it can be addressed through the EU emissions trading scheme, but it is vital if the target in the legislation is to be meaningful that aviation and shipping emissions are included. You can still make a difference – go to to take action on the Climate Bill now.


About Ed Pomfret

Head of campaigns at the Woodland Trust. I run our campaigning work on issues such as climate change, aviation, planning reform and woods under threat.
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