The day the trees came to town…

Yesterday the people of London were given a chance to meet some escaped trees from ancient Philipland Wood, one of the woods threatened by BAA’s plans for a second runway at Stansted Airport.

The trees started off the day outside BAA’s head office in Central London to drive home the point to BAA that ancient woodland should be protected not destroyed in pursuit of an unnecessary and unwanted development.

Trees from Philipland Wood visit BAA's head office

Trees from Philipland Wood visit BAA

The head honchos at BAA didn’t come to meet the trees as they were too busy talking to the press about their plans to sell off Gatwick airport. It’s been reported that BAA want to hang on to Stansted because of the prospect of a second runway. They are mistaken in the assumption that they will get permission for this. The evidence is that there is overwhelming opposition to a new runway at Stansted.

(It’s also worth letting any prospective buyers of Gatwick know that a new runway there would be just as vehemently opposed, as it would threaten 75 hectares of ancient woodland. Including some owned by the Woodland Trust.)

After visiting BAA, the wood went out  to talk to people in London about the issue – 5 ancient woods will be destroyed if plans for a second runway went ahead. Ancient woodland is irreplaceable and only covers 2.4% of the country – is it too much to ask to take a responsible attitude to our natural heritage and protect the UK’s equivalent of the rainforest?

The response of people on the streets to the trees was really positive – hundreds of people signed letters objecting to the planning application and many more welcomed the idea of woods coming to see them. You can see lots more pictures of the trees tour around the capital here.

Take action now and object to the second runway – you have one week left to make your voice heard.

Meanwhile something seems to have happened to pro-aviation group Plane Crazy’s film focusing on Stansted – if anyone sees these trees again please do approach them and offer them water, they seem desperate:



About Ed Pomfret

Head of campaigns at the Woodland Trust. I run our campaigning work on issues such as climate change, aviation, planning reform and woods under threat.
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