Threat of Judicial Review clarifies badgers’ fate in Wales

After the recent good news that badgers in England have been saved from the threat of mass culling, the fate of badgers in Wales looked less promising earlier in the year.

In April the Welsh Assembly was perceived by the public and the world’s media as having voted to allow badger culling . Elin Jones, Minister for Rural Affairs in the Welsh Assembly Government, told the Assembly that the most effective way to deal with infection and cross-infection sources was to cull badgers in “TB high incidence areas”.

Passions ran high at this announcement – especially after England’s positive decision not to take this route – and animal activists in particular planned to take action by visiting the Assembly to protest.

Happily, fears that badgers are at risk in Wales have now been quashed, after national charity The Badger Trust moved to launch a Judicial Review of the decision. Lawyers for Elin Jones have now confirmed that she has NOT made a decision to cull badgers in Wales, claiming that the statement simply “reflects the beginning of a process as to how, if at all, particular aspects of the Welsh Assembly Government’s TB Eradication Programme could be implemented.”

More good news for our stripey woodland friends!


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