Crunch time for democracy part II

Could this be the future?

As predicted the Labour rebels were defeated last night – this means that the Government has managed to railroad its reforms through this stage of Parliament and it is now down to the Lords to take up their role as defenders of local communities and the natural environment.

We will keep you informed when it reaches the next stages. 


About Ed Pomfret

Head of campaigns at the Woodland Trust. I run our campaigning work on issues such as climate change, aviation, planning reform and woods under threat.
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One Response to Crunch time for democracy part II

  1. GreenFairy says:

    Currently I have had the right and privilage to object to a planning application to build a new incinerator in Rainworth, Nottinghamshire -planned for a nature reserve site that is home to rare (and protected) species such as the Night Jar and Angle-striped Sallow moth – widespread in Notts, but classed as Nationally Scarce. The area is outside a village and less than 3 miles from homes and schools, as well as the majestic ancient woods of historic Sherwood Forest. Winds will also enable pollutants spewed out by this proposed incinerator to meet pollutants spewing out from neighbouring Nottingham City’s existing incinerator chimney (which, if local rumours are to be believed is actually corroding).
    I used my right to object, and I’m glad I got it in quickly – because if the Planning Bill is passed as it is then people like me who are concerned about unecessary and unwelcome planning disasters like this will no longer have the privilage to get involved in decision-making and hope to influence it, nor will we have the right. What will our landscape look like in the future…?

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