Stansted second runway – no way

BAA have submitted a planning application for a new second runway at Stansted Airport. This would destroy at least 19 hectares of ancient woodland which is irreplaceable and would damage many more areas of woodland nearby from pollution. This is completely unsustainable and unnacceptable.  

The local community have stated that the plans are tantamount to a “declaration of war”. At a meeting last week 300 people turned up to show their oppsition to the plans, but this affects more than just the local community. Only around 2.5% of the country is covered with ancient woodland once gone it is gone for ever. We can not continue to destroy irreplaceable resources. Added to this the plans would also contribute to climate change which is perhaps the greatest threat to us and wildlife.

You can read more about this in the Guardian and on our aviation campaign page.

To make your voice heard, just go to our email form edit it with your own comments and formally object to the planning application.



About Ed Pomfret

Head of campaigns at the Woodland Trust. I run our campaigning work on issues such as climate change, aviation, planning reform and woods under threat.
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